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Date:  Monday, 28 February 2011 06:55

Project: Katarungan. In accordance with law, the Secretary of Justice, the NAPOLCOM Chairman and the Chief, PNP jointly promulgated the rules and regulations implementing the said program. The DOJ, NAPOLCOM and PNP Joint Memorandum Circular, dated February 2, 2000 was made basis for the creation of a National Legal Assistance Board (NLAB) with the LS as Secretariat. The NLAB issued its rules of procedure and a resolution replicating the Board at the level of both the Police Regional Offices (PROs) and the National Support Units (NSUs). The mandate of the Boards is to deliberate on applications for legal assistance including requests for financial assistance. The IRR spelled out the rules of procedures from the time a policeman files his application up to the Board’s deliberation and submission of recommendation for the Chief, PNP’s consideration. It provided for parameters in determining the service related character of a charge. The LAB rules granted the provision of honoraria for representing PNP lawyers. It even provided policies on reimbursement of legal expenses incurred should the services of a private counsel be engaged.

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