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 Date:  Monday, 28 February 2011 07:11


Project: Legal Advice 24/7

On October 24, 2009, the Legal Service (LS) launched Project: "A.L.E.R.T 24/7" establishing an Operations Center (OpsCen) that is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to respond to calls from PNP members in need of immediate legal consultation regarding police operations and investigations.

The OpsCen is manned by an Active Legal Emergency Response Team, hence, the acronym ALERT. 24/7 hotlines are established making LS accessible via telephone and cellular phone calls, SMS, fax, emails, and Skype Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP. Able legal advisers are always on round-the-clock duty to answer legal queries..

Through the OpsCen, the Project aims to provide PNP members with 24-hour easy access to Legal Consultation while they are in the actual performance of their duties and responsibilities. Project: ALERT 24/7 seeks to ensure that policemen in the field perform their functions in accordance with the law and established rules and procedures.

To be more reflective of its services, the OpsCen was renamed "Legal Advice 24/7."

With proper legal guidance, PNP members may be less vulnerable to charges filed in connection with the performance of their functions.

The Office takes pride in its slogan:

 "Need Legal Advice? Text lang kayo... kami na ang tatawag sa inyo!!"


Services of Project: Legal Advice 24/7



The PNP Legal Service did massive information drive so that police officers, especially those engaged in police operations, will know and will avail of the services of Project: ALERT 24/7.


 Recently, we printed 2,000 pieces of posters and the same were distributed nationwide up to the municipal police stations. Below is a picture of the poster.


B. Posters

                    Recently, 5,000 copies of stickers were printed and the same were distributed. Below is the picture of the sticker.


              C. Cards

                   20,000 copies of cards were also printed and distributed. Below is the picture of the cards.

              D. Leaflets

                    Nearly 25,000 copies of leaflets were distributed. Below is the picture of the leaflets.


        E. TV Appearances - One (1)








1. Starting on the second week of August 2011 this office will start documenting the result of the services rendered by this office.

2. To tap the services of Twitter.

3. Conduct of “class room-hopping” in the PNP Training Schools to disseminate the services of Project: ALERT 24/7.