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Date:  Monday, 28 February 2011 07:32

LS-Crime Lab Tandem. At present, the LS is also brainstorming on a project that seeks to operationalize an LS-Crime Lab Tandem.

Drawing lessons from the Maguindanao massacre, this Service began to appreciate the value of immediately deploying PNP legal officers along with the SOCO team, when responding to scene of the crime operations. The presence of such legal officer is practical in order for them to advance their views regarding the possible offenses that had been committed. Such presence is also necessary to enable said legal officers to provide guidance to our SOCO members as to which evidence should be collected and preserved in order to fully support the elements of the possible offenses that need to be later established in courts.

These legal officers also need to be trained in the area of forensic science. Hence, for this purpose, the Service is also studying pursuing coordination with various training providers, both local and international, for possible grant of capability enhancement projects.

The LS is currently working for a P 30 Million budget allocation from Congress to support the above initiatives that will pave the way for full implementation of the PNP Legal Assistance Program.