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Pursuant to PNP Circular Number 2000-016 dated December 11, 2000 as amended by PNP Circular Numbers 2002, 2002-A and 2004-A, the following are the only authorized persons who can issue mission orders/letter order with provision which may entitle the bearer thereof to carry his issued/licensed firearm and ammunition:

1. For members of the Philippine National Police (PNP)

  1. Secretary of the DILG
  2. Chief, PNP;
  3. Deputy Chief for Administrative, PNP;
  4. Command Group and Directorial staff, PNP;
  5. NCRPO District Directors, Provincial Directors and City Directors
  6. Regional Directors, PROs 1-13, NCR, ARMM and CAR;
  7. Deputy Chief for Operations, PNP;
  8. Directors, National Support Units:
  9. The Chief of Directorial Staff, PNP and Command Group;
  10. Commanding Officers, PNP Separate units/Offices andholding equivalent Command
  11. Regional Directors;
  12. Group Directors, PNP Separate Units/Offices and Officersequivalent Commands;
  13. Provincial Directors, PNP and District Directors;
  14. Group Commanders, Regional Units of Administrative and Operational National Support Units and Regional or Provincial Mobile Groups
  15. Chief of Police and NCRPO Sub-Station Commanders
  16. Chief of Police, City/Municipal Police Station.
  17. Station/Substation Commanders.

2. For officers, man and regular civilian agents of the Department of  National Defense (DND)/Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) including members of the CAFGU;

  1. The Secretary of National Defense and such other Department    Officials duly designated by him;
  2. The Chief of Staff, AFP;
  3. Chief of the General/Special/Technical and Personal Staff of GHQ AFP
  4. Commanders of the AFP Major Services including the Chief of their respective General/Special/Technical and Personal Staffs;
  5. Commanders of AFPSSUs, and major commands/units of the AFP and the Major Services;
  6. Commanders of the battalions and their equivalent in the Philippine Air Force and Philippine Navy;
  7. Commanders of AFP intelligence units from GHQ AFP down
  8. Officers in the Philippine Air Force and Navy with positions equivalent to the PNP Provincial Director, City and Municipal Chiefs of Police and Group Commanders, PNP regional or Provincial Groups.
  9. Detachment commanders in remote areas whose higher commanders are not easily available to issue such orders.

3. For members of the National Bureau of Investigation:

  1. The Director, NBI
  2. The assistant/Deputy Director, and
  3. The Regional Directors.

4. For agents of the National Intelligence and Coordinating Authority (NICA):

  1. The Director-General, NICA
  2. The Regional Directors

5. For personnel of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP);

  1. The Director, BJMP
  2. The Regional Directors
  3. The Provincial/City Directors

6. For personnel of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP);

  1. The Director, BFP
  2. The Regional Directors
  3. The Provincial/City Directors

7. For agents and key personnel of the Bureau of Immigration;

  1. The commissioners, BI

8. For members Bureau of Customs Police;

  1. The Commissioner; and
  2. The Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Enforcement Group.

9. For members Export Processing Zone Authority Police Force:

  1. The EPZA Administrator; and
  2. The Department Manager, EPZAPF

10. For members, Philippine Ports Authority Police Force:

  1. The Superintendent, PPAPF

11. For members, Manila International Airport Authority Police Force;

  1. The General Manager, MIAAPF

12. For members, Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority Police Force

  1. The General Manager, MCIAPF

13. For members, Law Enforcement Services of Land Transportation Office (LTO, DOTC):

  1. The Assistant Secretary For Land Transportation, DOTC

14. For members, Philippine Coast Guard, DOTC

  1. The Commandant, and
  2. The Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (CG-2), PCG

15.  For members, Cebu Port Authority Police Force

  1. The general Manager, CPAPF

16.  For personnel of the Intelligence and Security Operations Group, Witness Protection Security and Benefit Program, DOJ

  1. The Program Director, WPBSP

17. For members, Personnel of Philippine Center on Transnational Crime;

  1. The Executive Director, PCTC

18.  For members of the Law Enforcement Group, Videogram Regulatory Board

  1. The Chairman, VRB

19. For specified members of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

  1. The Directors and Deputy Directors of Security, Investigation and Transport Department (SITD) and Cash Department (CD), Branch Operations and Department of General Services, in case of PSI, Director SITD may sign the Mission Order.

20. For personnel of Philippine drug Enforcement Agency

  1. The Executive Director,

21. For the members, UP police Force

  1. The Chief, UP Security force.

22. For the Personnel of the Office of the Sergeant-At- Arms (OSAA) of the Senate or the House of Representatives and the OSSA-certified/designated senators/congressmen’s security escorts:

  1. Sergeant-At-Arms, Senate or House of Representatives

23. For the specified personnel of the Philippine Postal Corporation:

  1. Postmaster General

24. For the personnel of the Law Enforcement Section of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources:

  1. Bureau Director

25. For the organic members of Tourism Security Division of the Department of Tourism:

  1. Department Secretary
  2. Under-Secretary Tourism services and Regional Offices
  3. Chief Tourism Security Division

26. For the Organic members of the Intelligence Division of Central Management    Information Office:

  1. Executive Director/officer-in-Charge

27. For the IMS personnel of the National Police Commission:

  1. The Vice Chairman/Executive Officer, NAPOLCOM

28. For the personnel-of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources:

  1. The Security
  2. The Undersecretary for DENR Operations

29. For the personnel of Department of Foreign Affairs:

  1. Special Assistant, Office of the Secretary and Chief, Intelligence and Security.

30. For the specified personnel of the National Police Commission:

  1. The Vice Chairman
  2. Executive Officer and
  3. Regional Directors, NAPOLCOM

Pursuant to PNP MC No. 2011-005 dated January 16, 2011 Mission/Letter Order must only be issued by authorized heads of agencies/offices as enumerated above subject to the following conditions:

  1. Only to its personnel with plantilla positions;
  2. Effective within the territorial jurisdiction of the issuing authority; and,
  3. Effective only for the duration of the mission.