a.  a member of the Philippine bar;

b.  a citizen of the Philippines;

c.  a person of good moral character;

d. must have pass the psychiatric/psychological, drug and physical test to be addministered by the PNP or by any government hospital accredited by NAPOLCOM for the purpose of determining the appointee's physical and mental health;

e. must be eligible in accordance with the standards set by NAPOLCOM;

f. must not have been dishonorably discharged from military or dismissed for cause from any civilian position in the government; and

g. must have an affidavit of undertaking of no pending criminal/administrative case or have been convicted by final judgement of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude.


For Civilian Appicants:

"A" - Civil Service PDS (Form No, 212) with latest ID picture
"B" - NSO Birth Certificate
"C" - College Diploma/Transcript of Records
"D" - Eligibility/ies
"E" - Trainings
"F" - Passport size picture taken within six (6) months in white background with name tag (Computer generated picture is prohibited)
"G" - Undertaking of Non-Pending Case

For In-Service Applicants:

"A" - Civil Service PDS (Form No, 212) with latest ID picture
"B" - RMD Generated PNP PDS
"C" - Updated Service Records
"D" - Latest Promotion Order
"E" - Eligibility/ies
"F" - College Diploma/Transcript of Records
"G" - Birth Certificate (NSO Copy)
"H" - Highest Mandatory Training
          - Training Certificate
          - Order of Merit
          - Declaration of Graduates
"I" - Specialized Schooling/Training
          - Training Certificate
          - Order of Merit
          - Declaration of Graduates
"J" - Physical Fitness Test (PFT)
"K" - Individual Performance Evaluation Rating (PER)
"L" - Income Tax Return
"M" - Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Networth (SALN)
"N" - Undertaking of Non-Pending Case

An applicant can be a Police Commissioned Officer with the rank of POLICE SENIOR INSPECTOR and will be receiving the follwing Pay and Allowances:

Base Pay PhP 35,312.00
* Long Pay 0.00
PERA 2,000.00
Hazard Pay: 540.00
Quarter Allowance: 650.00
Clothing Allowance: 200.00
Provisional Allowance:  10,652.00
Officers Allowance:   3,000.00
 Subsistence Allowance 4,650.00
**GROSS PAY PhP 57,004.00

* Long Pay is given every 5 years of continuous service with more or less 10% of the Base Pay as increment. (i.e. 1st Long Pay - 10%, 2nd Long Pay - 20%, 3rd Long Pay - 30%,4th Long Pay - 40%,5th Long Pay - 50%,.) 

** Approximate based on 31 days calculations.

For more information, visit us at PNP Legal Service, Camp Crame, Quezon City or call 7230401 local 3517.