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It has been said that ours is a country of laws and not of men. We are governed by fixed procedures, principles, rules and laws, which have canalized our system. Those laws forbid us from being swayed away to either tyranny or anarchism. We are engulfed in and out with laws, which permeates every individuals from “womb to tomb” and from “lust to dust.” This makes the legal system in the Philippines pervasive in all its ways.

Despite street outcries and public opinions to the contrary, laws shall be upheld “Dura lex Sid Lex” (the law may be harsh, but that’s the law). This should take precedence in the passing of every resolution or decision by the courts, tribunals and quasi-judicial agencies of the government. Being the protectors of rights and defenders of truth, the Office of the Ombudsman is not spared from strictly following those fixed procedures, rules and principles of laws.

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