I wish to extend warm fraternal greetings to the officers and men of the Legal Service, PNP on the occasion of the Blessing of its Law Library and Director’s Lounge.

The Legal Service, PNP headed by PCSUPT HEROLD G UBALDE has instituted this worthy project “to upgrade the Legal Service facilities with a view to enhancing the Unit’s delivery of legal services.”

The improvement of the Law Library is part of “the vision of the Legal Service to develop a better facility capable of generating a wide range of legal resources that may be easily accessed by its legal officers.” It is indeed fortunate if not providential that several months ago, I met Gen. Ubalde at the testimoni al dinner for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court during the Judiciary night of Manila Overseas Press Club (MOPC).

I suggested to Gen. Ubalde and he graciously accepted our offer of services of our group provider of the MCLE for the lawyers of the Philippine National Police in compliance with the requirements of the MCLE program adopted by the Supreme Court on August 22, 2000. When I visited Gen. Ubalde inhis office at the PNP Legal Service, he showed me the innovations he had introduced in the facilities of the Legal Service, particularly the computer complex that enable legal officers of the PNP even in field assignments to get in touch with the legal service for access to its resources.

I saw the Law Library and was impressed by the stock of law books particularly the original issues of Volumes 1-74 of the Philippine Reports of Col. Carlos, one of the early heads of the Judge Advocate General Office (JAGO) of the Philippine Constabulary. So I thought of helping upgrade the law library and immediately, I tried to secure copies of the basic laws, the Public Acts, Commonwealth Acts and Republic Acts of the Philippines. I managed to secure copies of later volumes of the “Permanent and General Statutes’ published by the UP Law Center, Volumes V to VII (earlier Volumes I-IV are out of print and pending reprinting ), Vital Legal Documents (Vols. 1 to 27) Circulars of the Supreme Court, and law books of well-known authors. A Justice of the Supreme Court now chancellor of the Philippine Judicial Academy has pledged to donate his volumes of the Supreme Court Reports Annotated (SCRA) and I expect a political figure to donate funds for the acquisition of more books particularly of the Philippine Reports of the Supreme Court and advanced copies of the most recent decisions.

We see today the renovations introduced by Gen. Ubalde to the Law Library starting with the purchase of bookshelves and facilities not only for law books but computers for the use of the legal officers of the PNP.

Truly, Gen. Ubalde is visionary, leading the Legal Service, to strive for excellence. You know that the practice of law demands a lifetime of study.

Congratulations and thank you very much.