Date:  Monday, 28 February 2011 07:44

Project : “Gabay”. Lawyers are recruited into the PNP, through the lateral entry program, primarily to provide legal assistance to a policeman once he is charged with service related cases. But, why wait for service related charges to be filed, before performing the duty of providing legal assistance to our policemen? The initial action of rendering counseling is, in itself, a form of extending legal assistance. Drawing lessons from the recent Manila hostage taking incident, the LS conceptualized Project : “Gabay”, with a proactive Legal Service in mind.

The project aims to designate LS lawyers as legal counselors to render advice to policemen with pending cases. The concept draws parallelism in the designation of a Survivor Officer. Upon the death of a PNP personnel, a Survivor Officer is assigned to assist in securing all the documentary requirements needed for the processing of service benefits due his survivors. In the same manner, when a PNP personnel is charged with service related civil, criminal or administrative suits, a legal counselor should likewise assist him.

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