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The operation center takes pride and lives-up to its slogan:


“Need Legal Advice? Text kayo... kami na ang tatawag sa inyo...”

 The reason of our existence:

Through our hotline numbers, messengers, Skype, e-mail, facebook and webpage our office entertains legal inquiries pertaining to police operations and other work-related questions of our PNP personnel nationwide.


Flow of the services. – Using our hotline numbers, a PNP member will send a text message to our office. His request for legal advice will be received by the duty PNCO who will make a call to the texter to determine if he is indeed a member of the PNP because our services are supposedly for PNP members only. If the identity of the texter is ascertained to be a PNP member, the lawyer on duty will answer the query. After rendering an advice, the supervisor and the duty PNCO will document the rendering of services. Please see the diagram below:

Our Office does not simply wait for our personnel in the field to ask queries. We have other services as follows:

 A. Text Advisory


Using broadband and tattoo, weekly text advisory messages containing important provisions of law are continuously sent to police investigators nationwide. It is designed to remind them of the PNP laws, rules and regulations and to update them of the latest PNP directives, guidelines and procedures. The project started last May 16, 2011.


 B. Email Advisory 


To fully equip our personnel in the frontlines with legal knowledge, thrice every two weeks this office sent to 338 e-mail accounts latest Supreme Court decisions that has something to do with police operations. These e-mail accounts are actually email account of different police stations nationwide. The project started last July 15, 2011.


 C. Facebook


The services of our office are also available online. Police officers can post queries in our facebook account “PNP Legal Service Alert 24/7”. The duty lawyer as well as other lawyers of the Legal Service will answer the query. The account was made last May 22, 2011


D. Website


The website of this Office became fully operational last May 15, 2011. Please visit our webpage and see for you how informative are the articles currently published. The address is


E. Legal Advisories


Since January 2012, this office published monthly a brochure containing legal advisories. It is to be distributed to police stations nationwide and is intended as reading materials for police officers while waiting requests for police assistance inside the police stations.


This is Atty Puaso, the Supervisor of Project: LEGAL ADVICE 24/7. Happily serving you...


Date:  Thursday, 11 August 2011 06:05

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